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Aerotaxiforyou is a dynamic company born to fulfill your travel requirements. We know that your time is evaluable!

Flying with us means flying in safety with a leading edge fleet that consists, for the most part, of Cessna Citation Jet, recognized as the best and most reliable aircraft all over the world.

Comfort and care of details will convert an useful tool into a pleasant business flight.
Time is money and Aerotaxiforyou is the solution to optimize your time!
You can take off immediately and get to secondary and smaller airports, not directly connected by scheduled airlines, avoiding airport procedures and time restrictions. It means the possibility to improve your business productivity.

Aerotaxiforyou's fleet is able to suit the different demands of travellers offering a complete range of services such as flights on demand, charter, cargo, dangerous goods and medical flights, aircraft maintenance and aircraft management.

We are leader in air taxi, private flights, business flights and VIP flights besides in charter sector as we can offer to you all the types of executive aircrafts actually available on the worldwide market.

An executive flight according to your own scheduled makes your corporate image prestigious at an affordable price (more competitive than a scheduled airline business class one).
Our crew , from Pilots to cabin staff, is fully qualified and periodically does strict check with the flight simulator.
They can assure to you professionality, discretion, complete confidentiality and anonymity.
All of our airplanes are periodically fully checked, from daily to extended and planned overhauls. We can rely on experience and expertise of highly qualified maintenance facilities and technicians, always in respect of the strictest national and European requirements.

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Aerotaxiforyou makes the world smaller and your business bigger!


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