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Aircraft management

As an owner of an aircraft you will gain the benefits but also the large expenses and organizational efforts it takes to operate it.
We would be delighted to manage your own aircraft and help you to take the advantage of your jet purchase.
We are able to provide to you:

- analysis, evaluation and research of the aircraft that suits your needs;
- inspection of the aircraft before the purchase;
- all the paper- work connected to the service;
- crew management and coordination;
- chartering to third parties management and organization thanks to our national and international network.

We will take over the full aircraft management relieving you of the administration, operation and organization work, allowing you to take care of your priorities.

As the owner of the aircraft you could fly wherever, whenever, we will take care of everything else.

Compared to other companies, Aerotaxiforyou is able to manage your aircraft offering to you a flat rate per hour all included (crew, insurance and maintenance expenses) without any surcharge.
In alternative, you can opt for a flat rate per month with monthly detailed prospects about its use.
Moreover, you will be able to take the advantage of the same discounts reserved to our company concerning fuel purchase, training, insurance, maintenance and management.
If you don’ t need a full aircraft management Aerotaxiforyou can provide to you a tailored assistance such as in CAMO operation, crew management, maintenance planning, quality control, compliance, accounting and supplying parts.

Incomes by rentals management
As the owner of an aircraft you might want to use it as well as to increase your financial returns even if you are not on board. Your purchase must be a source of profit, for this reason we are able to guarantee a minimum hour packet for chartering it when you don’ t use it.


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