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Air ambulance


Aerotaxiforyou is one of the few companies that can perform organ for transplants transportation, hospital flights EMS and ambulance flights, MEDEVAC with aircrafts in ambulance configuration, fully equipped with a dedicated medical staff on board.
We can pick the patient up and transport him/ her anywhere at any time.
In a medical transportation every single detail is essential, we will take over the full organization providing a high quality service at a competitive price. Our efforts let us become a leader among air ambulance companies in Europe.
Our operative center is h24 with a dedicated coordinator who could help you in defining the patient needs.
We can rely on the highest qualified medical staff which consist of:

- flight nurses and paramedics dedicated to emergencies and intensive care;
- therapist for breathing disorders;
- emergency medical equipe;
- heart specialist.

Our medical staff has got an aeronautic physiology certificate in order to guarantee to the patient the best assistance on board.
Before each flight our medical staff get in touch with the patient’ s personal doctor to check his/ her medical conditions and decide about the most appropriate staff and technical instruments needed on board.
We can also provide a medical escort for those patients which are able to fly but need a medical assistance.
The set of medical and technical equipment fits the highest international standards, below you will find a short description of some instruments we use:

- cardiac monitors;
- defribillator;
- infusion pump;
- inverters;
- oxygen;
- ventilators and intensive care ventilators;
- stretchers;
- bronchoscope for intubation;
- blood pressure monitor;
- life support machine;
- all the necessary medical equipment that fits the patient needs.

In order to fulfil the individual and different requirements we use different aircraft types.
We just need a minimum prior notice, we are able to take off in 2 hours since the confirmation.

Take in mind that we can also transport organ for transplants.


Operativo: +39 0543 31388
Mobileh24:+39 348 2206221